NEHL Alnwick

Saturday 3rd March 2012

Conditions for the Harrier League races this season have been excellent and Alnwick, a new addition to the calendar, was no exception.  Excellent weather and fine views across to the castle made for one of the more pleasant cross-country experiences.  The challenging route consists of three laps around a field across from Alnwick Castle taking runners up a steady incline followed by a flat bit through a sheltered, wooded area and finishing in a sharp descent.  There were strong performances from the men, most notably a top 20 finish by our newest recruit Jamie Martin which saw him promoted to the medium pack for the final race of the season and Chris Jones who was running in his first cross country race since 2006.

25 0:41:17 MARTIN, Jamie
112 0:43:57 SMITH, Jeremy
171 0:45:42 SCOTT, Duncan
185 0:46:09 KINGSTON, Matthew
192 0:46:25 JONES, Chris
210 0:47:17 PRATHALINGHAM, Nilendran
223 0:47:55 NAYAK, Sumanth
247 0:49:03 HARDING, Jamie
284 0:51:12 FALLON, Owen
319 0:54:03 KEAR, David
332 0:57:50 MCCORMICK, Ken

Tina Huddart was our sole lady representative and finished a creditable 60th in 34:14.

Full race results can be found at and