NEHL Prudhoe – The Great Escape

Saturday 26th March 2012

On a very warm and sunny day, Claremont’s men turned out in force for the final Harrier League fixture in a bid to survive relegation from Division Two.   Fine performances from Chris Gillis, Roberto Marzo (making his cross country debut) and Jamie Martin, despite starting from the medium pack, ensured our stay in Division Two for another year.  Here’s hoping we don’t leave it till the final fixture to avoid relegation next season!

18        37:12 GILLIS, Chris
41        38:07 MARZO, Roberto
128      40:11 MARTIN, Jamie
149      40:49 JONES, Chris
155      41:03 KINGSTON, Matthew
156      41:03 SMITH, Jeremy
157      41:09 SCOTT, Duncan
173      42:06 NAYAK, Sumanth
175      42:10 WILSON-CRAW, Alasdair
245      45:34 HARDING, Jamie
272      48:04 KEAR, David
304      59:01 BALLESTEROS, Randy

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