Pier to Pier 2012

Sunday 20th May 2012

No repeat of Brendan’s victory from a year ago, but a very commendable 8th place and some good times from other Claremont runners.  Nina Jensen provides this race report:

“This was my first time doing this race and I had heard reports from previous years of strong headwinds and driving rain so it was with trepidation that I got up on Sunday morning. However the weather was ideal, a light tailwind and temperatures of about 12 degrees.

Claremont had a decent turnout so after saying our hellos and leaving our bags on the baggage bus we head off with the crowd towards the beach and South Shields pier.

After some brief instructions which were drowned out by the crowd, the whistle went and we were off.

The course is a mixed terrain course taking in sand, grass, cliff top trails and beach promenades and has a couple of energy zapping sections including crossing the soft sand and then some steps up to the cliff top footpath.

However this was all forgotten as I admired view after view on this pretty little route. Firstly the iconic Marsden Rock, the Souter Lighthouse and then the Roker pier came into view, with the blue sea shimmering alongside.

The final section was back acoss the beach, having past a seaside cafe where everyone enjoying their cups of tea gave a cheer, and towards the flags that marked the finish.

After collecting a chocolate bar, drink and a runners rucksack (one of the things that encouraged me to sign up was the reports of a decent goody bag) I set off back to the car only to encounter Lorna running her final mile – after a brief hug and chat I sent her on her way – another Claremont runner doing a grand job.”

8      Brendan McMillan         39:03
169    Tracey Etherington       50:52
264    Nina Jensen              53:16
363    Chris Hogarth            56:18
390    Bill Milbourne           57:09
625    David Manners            63:25
629    Terry Welsh              63:38
789    Joyce Archibold          70:13
909    Lorna Pearson            94:55

Congratulations to Joyce who was first in her age category and to Tracet (4th) and Nina (5th).