NE Harrier League – Cramlington 27/10/12

Report by Bill Milbourne

Start Fitness Harrier League

Event 1 Cramlington

After a few days of heavy rain the going was a bit soft in places. It was no better on Saturday morning which started off with ominous grey clouds after overnight snow. The gods were not unreasonable on the day. When the Claremont Team assembled the sky was lightening and the weather was almost pleasant when we got to Cramlington

At the course, everything was very wet. Water oozed out of the ground where we walked. The junior races had already churned up the mud when the senior men started. There was no point in searching for firmer ground on the course. There wasn’t any. At least that was one complicated decision out of the way so it was just a case of taking the shortest route, trying to avoid the really slimy bits on the corners and avoid stray shoes that had come off in the sticky bits.

The mens team were a bit under strength with Sumanth doing something strange involving cows on the Town Moor and Matthew going to a wedding. Brendan was in good form from the medium pack backed up by a strong performance from Cross- country virgin Luke Bryant so we start the season out of the Division 2 relegation zone in 7th place, a good result under the circumstances considering that I was 6th counter

Brendan McMillan               26th                             38:00
Luke Bryant                          188                             41:51
Alasdair Wilson Craw         253                             43:53
Dave Beaney                        300                             45:45
Graham Leslie                      335                             46:26
Bill Milbourne                       396                             50:37
Dave Wotton                         397                             50:39
Dave Kear                             407                             52:02


The Ladies team fared much better with a strong squad finishing close together. It was a baptism of fire for recent recruit Debbie in her first outing in a shiny new sky-blue vest.  By the time she finished, the course looked like the Somme. Tyne Bridge are still looking for some of their squad.

Claremont Ladies start the season in 5th place in Division 1

Tracey Etherington              31                                31:04
Mandy Herworth                  42                                31:38
Sarah Bowen                       51                                31:54
Kate Sergeant                      56                                32:25
Debbie McCrory                   160                             39:32

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