NE Harrier League – Blaydon 17/11/12

Report by Bill Milbourne

I don’t often go to watch Harrier League races. If I am not fit enough to race I usually just go and hide until it’s over. This time I had the club tent and the banner in my garage and I had offered to provide transport so when my ankle complained painfully about Wednesday night’s session, I had to go along on Saturday even though I was in no state to run.

Blaydon is my least favourite Harrier League course. Even though it is very cleverly laid out to get a 2 mile lap into a very small space, it does this with lots of twists and turns around a football pitch and the road verge. And it’s all flat apart from those silly Mickey Mouse hills just before the finish

After overnight rain, Saturday turned out to be a very nice autumn day with bright sunshine and no wind. Claremont had a huge squad out.  There were sixteen in the senior men’s team with a battle between Jeremy Smith and Luke Bryant for first man home. The rest of the squad were close behind with lots of other duels all the way down the team, particularly at the back where the four Davids fought it out all the way round with just over a minute separating them at the finish. It was good to see our new treasurer following in the footsteps of the last one out in the mud

Altogether a much happier situation than Cramlington where I was sixth counter and we ended up at the bottom of the table.

110 0:32:11     BRYANT, Luke
112 0:32:14     SMITH, Jeremy
186 0:33:19     KINGSTON, Matthew
222 0:34:01     HUGHES, Paul
226 0:34:04     ROBINSON, Paul
237 0:34:20     JONES, Chris
248 0:34:32     NAYAK, Sumanth
297 0:35:55     BEANEY, David
317 0:36:18     LESLIE, Graham
318 0:36:19     HARDING, Jamie
414 0:39:48     BURNS, David
418 0:40:05     WOTTON, David
427 0:40:57     KEAR, David
428 0:41:06     REAY, David
438 0:42:06     MCCORMICK, Ken

After the men had scraped off all the grass to leave a layer of slimy mud all round the course it was the turn of the ladies. Some of our more experienced runners were laid low by injury, work and partying but we still had a strong team thanks to 2 of our new recruits who we somehow persuaded that this would be fun. A rapidly improving Sarah Bowen chased Mandy all the way round but didn’t quite make it while a little further back our two first timers had a similar tussle. Lisa finally managed to get past Mary in the crowd on the hills to be third counter.

56    0:24:46    HERWORTH, Mandy
59    0:24:52    BOWEN, Sarah
135  0:27:25    BUNCLARK, Lisa
143  0:27:39    MARTIN, Mary