Morpeth 11k 1/1/13

Three Claremonters  decided to be sensible and start the new year with a gentle race on tarmac instead of a mudbath.

Graham Leslie
Nina Jensen
Terry Welsh

Report by Graham Leslie

There was no way I was going to be tempted to brave the swamp-like conditions of the Town Moor and do the Resolution Run this year. Luckily there’s another option if you want to start the year competitively, the Morpeth 11K, a race now replacing the sadly missed New Year’s Day 14 mile run from Morpeth to Newcastle.

Having got well and truly soaked in the Saltwell 10K and pretty wet again in the Christmas Day Parkrun it was a real pleasure to run again in sunshine and finish dry. I’m not sure it’s quite the gentle race described by Sumanth in the results section as there’s not much level running on a rather hilly route and this year there was quite a stiff wind to contend with, but it’s a nice course around Morpeth and Mitford and has the advantage as far as I’m concerned of not being multi-lap.

The majority of the run is on quiet country roads before joining the main road from the A1 and passing the Sun Inn on the descent back to the town. There’s a short sting in the tail in the form of a steep hill in the park just to keep things interesting and then a bit of weaving in and out of dog-walkers etc on the river path before a nice flat grassy finish.

In drier conditions the Resolution Run can be enjoyable but if anyone fancies an alternative I can really recommend the Morpeth 11K. It’s an hour later too, so you get an extra hour in bed.