Resolution run 2014

Stumbling round the town moor on New Years Day has become somewhat of a habit, this being the fourth(I think) time I have managed to drag myself out of bed in time. This year the conditions were more favourable than usual, still cold and clarty, for the anticlockwise circumnavigation of the moor taking in the lumpy bits in the corner. No gales or deep snow to contend with but it still felt pretty challenging. Well done to all those who turned out.

Partial results as apparently the timing equipment packed up.

Time Pos No. First Name Surname Gender Age Club
36.11 16 160 Tom Oliphant Male 34 Claremont RC
24 102 Jeremy Smith Male 46 Claremont RC
29 196 Matthew Kingston Male 44 Claremont RC
150 137 Mary Marin Female 63 Claremont RC

Rest of results were posted by George Routledge on Facebook

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