Introducing your Team Captains

Just how many people does it take to replace Dave Kear?  So far, the answer is at least 4.  As Dave winds down towards his well-earned retirement from Claremont Road Runner duties, his many responsibilities will be shared between a number of other mugs willing members.

To fulfill the tasks of organising the teams for Cross Country, relays and other races that we enter as a club, we have introduced the roles of Ladies’ and Men’s Team Captains who will be ably supported by their respective Vice-Captains.  This motley crew skilled and able team are shown below:

From left to right:

Michelle Nesbitt-Burrell (Ladies Vice-Captain)
Jonathan Gilroy (Mens Captain)
Nina Jensen (Ladies Captain)
Tom Tinsley (Mens Vice-Captain)

If you have any questions about representing Claremont, please seek out any member of the team.