Weekend Results, 18/19th October 2014

Gibside Fruit Bowl:

53     49:56     Sumanth Nayak
247   61:34     David Reay

An undulating 6.7 mile trail race through the gorgeous Gibside estate. The tagline says “Not flat” and boy, they aren’t kidding. I’ve never done this one before. I only began running here when the Great Run Local started in February and couldn’t believe what I’d been missing out on all this time. The 5k however, is a walk in the park compared to this race! Why anyone with access to trails like the Derwent Walk and Gibside would want to run on roads is beyond me. Along with Kielder, this is definitely one of the best races I’ve done. Although, I am a bit disappointed in the finishers’ t-shirt because I thought the one from a couple of years ago was fantastic. It reads, “Gibside Fruit Bowl – Like life, a lot of ups and downs”.

Photo by Robert Brand
Photo by Robert Brand

Ennerdale Trail 50k

41     6:52:49     Adrian Conlin

Full results here.

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