Weekend Results, 1st/2nd November 2014

Newcastle Town Moor Marathon:

13        3:28:22            Adrian Conlin
20        3:36:08            Sumanth Nayak
25        3:51:01            David Devennie
40        4:08:40            Robert Brand

We were blessed with some fantastic weather for this race, the highlight of the North East racing calendar. A bit windy maybe, but on the Town Moor, that’s nothing new. Huge thanks to all the Claremonters who manned the water stations and for the awesome support; especially to Jeremy Smith who ran with me on the final lap just as I was debating whether to take a walk break. It certainly made it that much more bearable. Although, I think he’ll agree that if I had talked less and concentrated my energy on running, I would have done a better time!