NS Poly Grand Prix Event 5, 13th January 2015

It was a very cold night on Tuesday at the coast with the result that the path down to the Promenade was deemed too icy and so, once again, it was a there and back route along the road. Even then there were a couple of icy patches which meant that caution had to be exercised – that is my excuse for a relatively slow time anyway (along with coming down with the lurgy!).

Name Position Time
Kenny McCormack 28 27:45
Heather Steel 44 22:20
Nina Jensen 59 25:31
Paul Robinson 76 20:27
David Devennie 80 24:09
Ben Hull 82 26:11
Jonathan Gilroy 88 20:18
Tom Tinsley 93 22:26
Alasdair Wilson-Craw 110 23:09
Dave Kear 122 30:47

I hope Paul Robinson’s time is right as he doesn’t appear in the results, but he definitely finished ahead of me. I have assumed the time for Paul Robertson which seemed to be around where Paul finished.  This would put Paul in the top 10 times along with Jonathan Gilroy.  Heather was an impressive 2nd fastest lady.

The Claremont teams are not doing so well, Kenny’s Also Rans are 19th and Will Wonders are 23rd out of 25.