Gibside Night Run, 13th February 2015

A friend in work had asked me if I wanted to do this 6K run, but I declined as I am capable of tripping myself up going around Gibside in daylight!  Nina Jensen did take on the challenge and has sent this report:

“Having initially signed up to do the Night Run with 3 colleagues who then dropped out for various reasons, it was with trepidation that I drove to Gibside on Friday night.

Having parked the car I walked up the bank to the registration where I was greeted by Terry who was one of the Marshall for the event.
Once I got my number and glow sticks I hung around chatting to some of the 150 fellow runners who had also turned up on this misty evening for the inaugural event.

At 6pm it was getting dark as we were ushered to the start.  Head torches on and after an introduction about the event we were off.
I’ve run the Gibside fruit bowl event before so know that there’s a few hills around these parts, however you can’t see them in the dark but my legs soon remembered them.  Undulating at first and with some nice sweeping downhill bits, the gradient suddenly ramped up at about 2 miles causing a few of the runners ahead to stop and walk.

Further on a downhill stretch through some woods there was a steep drop off to one side.  Luckily I spotted it just in time.  As the route meandered back towards the finish I could see some of the faster runners ahead and commented to a fellow runner that they could be bikes not runners given the pace.
The lights of the finish twinkled in the distance but never seemed to get any closer.  Finally I was on a flat stretch and as I turned right I recognised Terry’s voice so gave him a shout and got a shout in return which spurred me on the last turn into the walled garden and the finish.

Overall a nice little run with the added challenge of not being able to see where you’re going!”
Tom Tinsley -