Baltic Timed Miles 11th March 2015

Richard Slack sent this report of Wednesday’s interval session:

On a calm evening with light still holding beyond 6pm we headed off to the quayside for the timed miles.  My first experience of this session was my very first Claremont session in October 2014 with Dave Kear at the helm in the pouring rain and wind.  Despite that, the timed miles has ever since been an interval session that I look forward to!  Thus when Dave asked if I could lead the session on Wednesday I was happy to do so – a task made easier by the small group of Claremonters taking part following a grand prix event the evening before.

Our group of 10 started with the customary warm up lap around 10 minutes to show everyone the way and the little out and back across the cobbles on the homeward leg of the run.  Thereafter we all ran our normal three miles with about a three minute rest in between each one.  After the first mile Heather and Roberto came sprinting along – they were not late , but rather completing their second or third miles – the lure of the Tyne on a balmy March evening!

A grand night as always with some very consistent times. Sun cream at the ready for those glorious days ahead!

Results here.