Blyth Valley 10K, 12th April 2015

This is one of my favourite 10K races (the summer one organised by Blyth is even better), and I was looking forward to it immensely as spring seemed to have arrived with nice warm weather. But this is the North East, so we woke up on Sunday to a windy, cold, overcast morning with heavy rain forecast for later. Still, needs must and all that, so at 10 o’clock I was one of a smallish group of Claremonters shivering in our vests and ready to go.

The first half of the run was into the headwind as we made our way out of Blyth and onto the sea front. I had started with Jeremy but was now watching him pull gradually further ahead as we wound our way through the dunes. It was starting to feel like hard work as I approached half-way, but the thought of having the wind at our backs for the 2nd half kept me going.

The wind-assisted return meant that I got back before the rain got too heavy, and, for once in my life, I maintained a fairly steady pace with my last kilometre being the same time as my first! I was well-chuffed to finish under 41 minutes as I thought those days were behind me. Overall an enjoyable event, well organised as ever by Blyth Running Club and one that I thoroughly recommend.

Position Time
113 39:15 Jeremy Smith
156 40:54 Tom Tinsley
197 42:08 Paul Robinson
198 42:09 Heather Steel
310 46:00 Ben Hull
326 46:31 Mungai Wairia
530 59:39 Dave Manners


Just a quick word to Paul Robinson – it was very good of you to run with Heather, but a real gent would let her finish first!

Tom Tinsley -