Coniston 14 – 25th March 2017

1hr 59m Richard Slack

A beautiful day to run the Coniston 14 mile – a full road circuit of the Lake starting and finishing in Coniston Village. The route, described as undulating is, on a sunny day, beautiful throughout – even the last painful mile as we re-approached Coniston (and then through the finish line into what I always call “the village of lost and bewildered”).

The route itself heads south, from Coniston, following the road on the West of the lake to Torver. Here it takes a left tun down towards the Lake itself and follows the lake to its southern end where you turn to the left. Looking now straight up the Lake with snow covered Dow Crag, Coniston Old Man and Wetherlam that you now run towards up the eastern part of the Lake. Thus 7 miles down, and 7 to go with a half way time of under an hour (59:35) so buoyed on to get under my target of 2 hours. For much of the return side, the road very much hugs the lake so uninterrupted views. Your mind and legs however then need to battle a decent climb from Brantwood at about 11 miles. Having decided very early on a non-stopping policy (except for water station fuelling) the uphill bit was easy – the steep downhill about as welcome as that steep down hill at mile 12 on the GNR. So legs like jelly and only another 2 miles to run into Coniston.

Great crowds across the run and especially at the finish and lots of mutual encouragement between runners on the ups throughout!

A great day out in the South Lakes – and a lovely race momento (NOT a tee – shirt) but a slate coaster for a well earned beer to rest upon – that was after my customary visit to swim in the Lake!