Elswick Good Friday Relays, 14th April 2017

A great turnout from the club on a rather cold and drizzly day. It was quite a contrast from last year’s warmth and blue skies but conditions were perfect for racing nonetheless. Well done to the veteran ladies’ A team on a brilliant 13th position out of 41 teams. The prize for consistency must surely go to the veteran men’s B team for finishing times separated by a mere 11 seconds! Apologies to the senior men’s team for my tardiness at the start but thanks to Paul’s stellar run, we didn’t finish last!

Senior Women
16:04     Lucy Dunbar
16:06     Jane Evans
15:52     Rose Hawkswood

Veteran Women
15:48     Julie Cross           16:13     Daisy Martin
15:22     Nicki OBrien         18:35     Marie Slack
14:59     Sarah Bowen       16:33     Alice Vialard
46:09                                  51:21

Senior Men
14:18     Sumanth Nayak
12:55     Paul Robinson
14:02     Sichao Yang
13:43     Roberto Marzo

Veteran Men
13:46     Alasdair Wilson Craw          15:14     John Grimshaw
13:58     Mungai Wairia                     15:13     Richard Slack
14:27     David Lydall                         15:03     Howard Maclenan
13:34     Paul Hughes                        15:08     Dean OBrien
55:45                                                  60:38



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