NEMAA Track and Field, 15th May 2017

Howard and Kenny took part in the Masters Track and Field series event at Monckton Stadium on Monday evening. Here is a report fromHoward:

“In one of our events, holding the 5th lane, the command came ‘On your marks – Set’, the gun fired, we’re off and then the gun fired a second time. Everyone slowed down and that was a lonely slow walk back to the start line. The referee waited for all of us to come back and then walked down the whole line giving every sprinter a ‘Green Card’. The command to walk to the starting block came, but all again stop, the referee had to talk to the 6th lane runner. He gives the neck signal; he’s pulling out, either injury got him or was there now a glimmer of nerves starting to kick in. Referee has to confirm with the Start Referee there is a pull out, another brief pause. There’s a quick look down the left side, the strong field of TyneBridge colours, but are nerves kicking in? The command came again to the starting blocks. The left foot was holding the line and the right was ready to unleash all out hell. ‘On your marks – Set’, that freeze felt like eternity looking down the wet windy stretch. ‘Bang’, the whole line goes up forward, the legs are pumping but not long it starts feeling lonely. Back and neck held high, we’re going for it. Claremont Colours punch through the finish line, with second place a metre behind. There’s a very slow deceleration at the end, we’re now closing the end of the track. It’s just dawning in what’s just happened. Graciously turning around and shaking every competitors hand afterwards. One of us won our event. Don’t ask for times. Just went home without checking the times to make my tea!”

100m Howard MacLennan – 1st in Heat 6 in13.4s
400m Kenny McCormick – 5th in Heat 2 in 1:34:00
Javelin Kenny McCormick – 6th in Group B with 19.27m

Tom Tinsley -