A Grand Day Out – Allendale Fair Trail Race, 27th May

A minibus full of Claremonters, and a couple who made their own way, enjoyed a grand day out at the Allendale Fair on Saturday. A tough 10K up the hill and onto the moors on a hot and humid morning was followed by fun and liquid refreshment at the Allendale Fair.

Here is a report from Richard Slack:
Team Claremont – Legends! Winning both Ladies and Men’s Team Events! The Light Blues showered their Colours in the small village throughout the race and during the fair.

The course started pretty central, near the library, at 11am. Everyone just kept going from the start, unbeknown to some, the first two miles on an incline, then there was the undulating dirt tracks. At this point with the sun bearing down, there was no wind to cool us and we earned our bronze tan – definitely not spray on!

A friendly competition between the middle group occurred, a bit of overtaking and catch up. I think everyone was relieved to hit that turnaround marker at 3 miles and see friendly team faces running home. You just knew it couldn’t get any harder.

Coming off the dirt tracks it strikes hard in your mind how steep the incline had been, while the decline physically appears steep. ‘Really did I just run up that! ‘ Time to switch off and get down quickly to the village. Tom Tinsley came in first for the men’s and Jane Evans pulls a scorcher coming first for the ladies and beating numerous number of the men’s team. Mary Martin winning the Veteran category.

The Light Blues were coming in thick and fast, Five Claremont’s in a row. There had been some exceptional switching off to get over the line and some seriously wobbly legs afterwards.

I think we have to greatly thank the unknown runner in the EMF Edinburgh top, at his cost for obtaining a bag of ice for our over heated runner, a true sportsman! And Allen Valley Striders for providing assistance and organising the event with numerous marshals.

Afterwards we all earned some lubrication from the local publican and freshly made BBQ meat from the butchers. The rest of the time we were entertained by the Allendale Fair; bit of Morris dancing, strong man competition, camaraderie and truly friendly atmosphere. Rose Hawkswood afterwards cycled from Hexham to add to the celebration.

If you weren’t there, there’s always next year. Don’t miss out!

Tom Tinsley -