South Tyne Trail Report

Lucy Dunbar was one of the Superstars to complete all 37 miles of the latest example of Claremont ultra madness, the South Tyne Trail. She sends this report:

Okay so I’ve been charged with the task of trying to put together some coherent ramblings about our casual 37ish mile ultra run the other week.

First off, I’m not sure what possessed me to say yes considering I knew fine well I would be frequenting a Gin Festival the day before but alas I put my name forward.
(Editors note: the Gin Festival also being the night after several gins to celebrate the Blaydon Race!).

8am Sunday came and I made my way to the Jesmond metro to be picked up by the mini bus feeling a little on the fragile side. We made our way to the start of our run. We started off running against a ridiculous wind on our way to the Source of the Tyne, had a few photos and then back in the other direction carried by the wind (wahoo).

Now I feel like I really need to highlight here a little incident involving Janet. Janet who didn’t realise there was a rather large gap in the fence to walk through just in front of her and just really wanted to use the stile much to the amusement of others.

The miles rolled by, we had lots of heavy downpours lasting a few minutes, lots of singing ‘the hills are alive!’ and just having a good old chinwag really. With lots of regular stops and feeding. Damn those Jelly Babies really were good.

Oh and on the mileage went, lots of pretty views of the Tyne, the viaduct and some ruins of a castle I think? Everything seems all blurred now but I know the company is what helped me through.

26 miles clocked by and I decided perhaps I could attempt to keep going. More impressively was Alice who has never ran further than 13 miles before and was still going strong!

Onwards we went, through more downpours lasting only a few minutes and getting lost and actually adding even more mileage on and what was this?! An extremely steep hill at mile 35! You really are cruel. Up and up we went before rejoining the whole clan again to run the last mile into Hayden Bridge together. There were tears, there was laughter, there was blood, but we got through. A thoroughly enjoyable day with lots of lovely people. Perhaps I might do it again next year.

Well done to the super six who completed it all – Alice, Nina, Julie, Mungai, Jamie and me of course. Particularly well done to Mary, Leanne and Marie for running a ridiculously long way too, I think 30 miles?! Charlotte, Dan, Tom, Richard and Janet also running a very long way too!

Thanks to Janet, Bill, Lorna, John and Terry for all the organising, ferrying us about and support.

I can now call myself an ultra runner.