Women’s Running Race Series Glasgow 10K, 27th August 2017

Mandy Herworth took herself north of the border to compete in the Glasgow 10K, part of the Women’s Running Race Series. Mandy finished an impressive 13th out of 265 runners in a time of 47:22. She sends this report:

Earlier in the year I was planning a weekend in Glasgow for the August bank holiday, I was going to take part in the Great Scottish Swim and decided to also enter the Women’s Running 10k for the following day in Strathclyde Country Park. This seemed like a good idea at the time, however a summer of running niggles and injury alongside periods of general laziness did not add up to great preparation for a 10k race, the longest distance I have ran in a year! So, on the day I travelled to the race not sure if I was even going to take part but once I got there I couldn’t back out. It was a great atmosphere, hundreds of women all excited just to take part, whether it be running or walking. This was a well organised race in a lovely location around Strathclyde Loch. After the race I proudly wore my finisher’s medal and t-shirt as I dragged myself uphill back to the train station, with a bright red face that didn’t return to a normal colour for a few hours.

Tom Tinsley -