NEHL XC Druridge Bay, 8th October 2017

By Howard MacLennan

The Light Blues – Claremont Road Runners /XC – Advance on All Fronts!

What a fantastic glorious October day at Druridge Bay – Northumberland, for all the runners and kids to enjoy the surroundings.

The Light Blues flooded the fields with runners, obtaining promotion points as a team, and delaying other Clubs gaining points – with our other non point runners putting pressure on placed positions ahead of the opposition.

Let’s get to the juicy bits: first up – Grace Scott in the Under 11s. With no fear from the start, Grace came in 64th with a time of 7:54, 36 seconds faster than last week time at Wrekenton. Duncan Scott asks wee Grace, did you try to out sprint that other girl at the end. Grace, with a cheeky laughing response, a massive ‘Yes’. A runner in the making!

64th – Grace Scott – 7:54

The Ladies team came in 2nd today in their new Division, climbing to 4th in the league with only 1 point behind the 2nd and 3rd places. Take notice, they have the determination and the Club esprit de corps to have a successful season and attempt to climb promotion a second year in a row. Today, the ladies fielded 11 runners, all vastly improving, with 3 ladies breaking their duck at Cross Country League – Sarah Kerr, Julija Stoniute and Serpil Bulut.

35th – Mandy Herworth – 31:03 – promoted to Medium Pack – beating last year’s time of 32:16
45th – Sarah Kerr – 31:16
80th – Nicki O’Brien – 32:15 – Real Time 30:35 (Fastest Claremont Lady today) – Medium Pack
81st – Jane Evans – 32:16
152nd – Sarah Bowen – 34:29 – Real Time 32:49 – Medium Pack
182nd – Rose Hawkswood – 35:31
196th – Daisy Martin – 35:56
204th – Julija Stoniute – 36:17
205th – Julie Dumpleton – 36:19
219th – Alice Vialard – 36:52
295th – Serpil Bulut – 40:42

Course distance:- 4/4.2 miles according to Strava.

The Men’s team came in a joint 9th in today’s Divisional race, and climb to 9th in the Division. Today, the men’s fielded 9 runners (three 9s – what are the odds), again all vastly improving and covering key runners holiday absences. Also a late surprise appearance by Dave Devennie to make a much needed boost to the men’s team and scores.

63rd – Roberto Marzo – 40:39 – beating last year’s time of 41:33 – Forte Italiano
141st – Anthony Liddle – 42:01
281st – Danny Edwards – 44:44
289th – Duncan Scott – 44:58
362nd – David Devennie – 46:46 beating last year time of 47:23
364th – Dean O’Brien – 46:47
429th – Christopher Gillie – 49:01
441st – Howard MacLennan – 49:18
455th – Chris Carr – 50:01

Course distance:- 6.1/6.2 miles according to Strava.

A little thanks to Charlotte Baston, your motivational attendance means Danny Edwards gets involved.

Lastly a massive thanks to both Daisy Martin and Christopher Gillie for covering photographic duties, plus the O’Brien’s, Kerr, Scotts and anyone else I’ve forgotten for covering Child Care race cover and attending today!

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