Central Park New York 5 Mile, 29th October 2017

Report from Richard Slack

In New York for a long weekend. After sight-seeing in the sunshine on Saturday and the normal run pre-loading of beer and wine on Saturday night, Sunday dawned, or rather did not dawn, early with grey skies and rain. The 5 mile run is one of series of runs the week before the New York Marathon. We made our way early to the starting zones getting to the Park around 7.45am for an 8.30am race start time. following a rendition of the national anthem, in total around 4,100 runners set off in the event – numbers limited due to the space in Central Park and that it is still public access during the 5 mile run. The circuit is a well-trodden route by runners being a 5 mile perimeter run of the park. Starting on Upper West Side, the run followed an anti-clockwise route, immediately heading south to the bottom of the park before running the full length of the park (East Side) and then round the top and back to the start/finish area. Gentle undulations in the main with an excellent downhill stretch towards the finish area. Obviously hydration is a real deal here with water stations every 2km despite the grey skies and intermittent heavy rain. However, as perhaps expected well enthusiastic marshals with cries of “you got it buddy” and “great job” throughout the run. Good to be able to represent the sky blue of Claremont stateside, and hopefully one of many New York visits!

Photos show Richard and Marie with their new mates from NYPD and Manhattan skyline


Richard 38.43
Marie 46.53