Sherman Cup/Davidson Shield, 28th October 2017

The Sherman Cup and Davidson Shield is an annual one-off event that forms part of the Harrier League season (but not part of the League).

It was a good turnout of Claremont Road Runners that braved the elements on a very windy Saturday afternoon at Temple Park. In fact it was so windy so that it has broken the club tent by snapping one of the support poles! Without the wind it would have been excellent running conditions as the course was in very good condition. However it was hard work running around that field into a howling gale!

Position Name Time Cat
75 Lucy Dunbar 29:20 Sen.
77 Sarah Bowen 29:25 Vet.
144 Nina Jensen 31:35 Vet.
160 Rose Hawkswood 32:07 Sen.
180 Julie Dumpleton 32:38 Vet.
197 Alex Anslow 33:12 Sen.
209 Kat Truong 33:29 Sen.
243 Bill Milbourne 34:39 O65
254 Daisy Martin 34:53 Sen.
270 Catherine Robson 35:29 Vet.
286 Serpil Bulut 36:22 Vet.
119 Roberto Marzo 37:48 Sen.
147 Danny Edwards 38:39 Sen.
200 Anthony Liddle 40:19 Sen.
208 Tom Tinsley 40:25 Vet.
224 David Lydall 40:57 Vet.
300 Dean O’Brien 43:21 Sen.
348 Howard Maclennan 45:30 Vet.
360 Christopher Gillie 45:56 Sen.
371 Chris Carr 46:40 Vet.
419 Ken McCormick 51:53 Vet.


There are separate results for senior and veteran teams, with 3 counting for each.  The Claremont teams finished as below:

14th Senior Ladies (Lucy, Rose, Alex)
22nd Veteran Ladies (Sarah, Nina, Julie)

22nd Senior Men (Roberto, Dan, Anthony)
23rd Veteran Men (Tom, David, Howard)