NEHL Herrington, 6th January 2018

Mud, glorious mud! The cross-country season had been distinctly lacking it up to now, so the weather gods decided to make up for it at Herrington Country Park today. This is a great cross-country course with a bit of everything – good views, hills, lakes and woodland – though today it was lacking grass, particularly after the ladies had done a great job of churning it up for us!

Despite losing a few to injury and illness, there was still a decent Claremont turnout of 9 ladies and 8 men. On a day when it was an achievement just to stay on your feet and get around, there were some good performances.

Sarah Kerr led the women home in 40th place, probably almost the perfect position as it is just outside promotion to the medium pack! Lucy Dunbar, in her first run from the medium pack, made light of the mud to power through the field to be second Claremonter home, with seasoned runners Mandy Herworth and Sarah Bowen being the other team counters.

Roberto Marzo led the men home despite running a mere 10 miles in the morning; Anthony Liddle shook off a recent ankle injury to be next home and Alasdair Wilson Craw rolled back the years to be 3rd Claremonter back. Myself, David Lydall and Dean O’Brien completed the counters.

Having said it was an achievement to stay on your feet, I think that I was the only one that failed as I went flying in the woods on the 2nd lap. There was so much mud that it was a nice soft landing and I got a free mudpack on the face. I believe fancy spa hotels charge lots of money for a “facial” like this, so I suppose that I should treat it as a bonus!

Position Runner Time
40 Sarah Kerr 35:08
81 Lucy Dunbar 36:27 Medium pack – actual time 34:37
85 Mandy Herworth 36:33 Medium pack – actual time 34:43
157 Sarah Bowen 38:42 Medium pack – actual time 36:52
173 Kat Truong 39:11
179 Alex Anslow 39:24
210 Rose Hawkswood 41:05
241 Catherine Robson 42:46
268 Gillian Milne 44:10


Position Runner Time
70 Roberto Marzo 44:12
177 Anthony Liddle 46:25
223 Alasdair Wilson Craw 47:25
255 Tom Tinsley 48:13
298 David Lydall 49:27
395 Dean O’Brien 54:39
410 Howard Maclennan 55:27
468 David “Kenny” Reay 63:50


I had forgotten to charge our camera, so only got photos of the first part of the ladies race:

Tom Tinsley -