NEHL Thornley Hall Farm 10th February 2018

Despite my report from last time and the reputation that the course earned last year, Thornley Hall Farm saw the joint highest turnout of Claremont Road Runners this cross-country season.  This is a proper cross-country course with some steep climbs, uneven ground and some very muddy areas.  Thankfully the weather was kind on the day but I think we all found it tough and there were some very tired bodies at the end.

Grace Scott started us off in the under 11s and then showed that not only will she become an excellent runner but she will be in demand for babysitting duties too.  Grace made sure that young Charlotte Kerr was well entertained so that Mum (Sarah) could once again lead the Claremont ladies home.  Sarah was followed home by the 4 runners starting from the medium pack – Lucy Dunbar, Mandy Herworth, Catherine Young and Sarah Bowen for a very good 3rd place finish in the 2nd Division.

There is an individual competition based on the 4 best performances in the Harrier League and Lucy is now in a very impressive 10th place in the Senior Women’s table.  Rose Hawkswood is also well-placed in 21st.

For once, we had more in the men’s race than the ladies one and, for the first time this season, a male starting from the medium pack – John Lea-Wilson.  As John was full of cold, he found it a bit hard but I am sure that he will benefit from the experience (and come flying past me!) next time out at Alnwick.  We did have 12 runners but unfortunately David Devennie is not in the results below as he had to pull out injured at the end of lap 2.  The best that can be said for the rest of us is that we got around!

Under 11 Girls
Position Runner Time
31 Grace Scott 09:56
Senior Women (and Over 65 Men)
Position Runner Time
47 Sarah Kerr 35:13
48 Lucy Dunbar 35:18 Medium pack – actual time 33:38
56 Mandy Herworth 35:36 Medium pack – actual time 33:56
70 Catherine Young 36:11 Medium pack – actual time 34:31
94 Sarah Bowen 37:15 Medium pack – actual time 35:35
135 Nina Jensen 38:53
164 Rose Hawkswood 40:27
182 Serpil Bulut 41:50
190 Bill Milbourne 42:24
198 Gillian Milne 43:26
207 Catherine Robson 44:17
Senior Men
Position Runner Time
235 Anthony Liddle 49:06
242 Tom Tinsley 49:20
250 John Lea-Wilson 50:02 Medium pack – actual time 47:32
289 Richard Slack 51:52
301 Duncan Scott 52:28
318 Francesco Carrer 53:58
351 Dean O’Brien 56:27
358 Howard Maclennan 56:55
367 David Wotton 57:59
374 Chris Carr 59:16
410 Ken McCormick 66:34


Tom Tinsley -