Thrunton 10k night run, 17th March 2018

Well done to Tara McCully, Emma Crawley and Ay Okpokam for completing the High Fells of Thrunton 10K night run.  Thanks to Tara for sending this report:

“Whilst the snow fell we braved ourselves for a few hours out in the cold as the sun went down. After a slight delay we were finally out in the reduced size field. Official numbers are yet to be released but around 50% of original entrants had the crazy idea that this would be a good idea to run on St Patrick day in these conditions!

Some nice tracks and a quick run through the woods settled the legs before the steep climb through the woods spread the field. Head torch at the ready we reached the peak to see some fantastic views of the fells covered in snow. The descent proved challenging with snow as deep as your waist, rocks and paths covered in ice and one wrong step had both of your feet covered in freezing water! People all had their own technique on this descent but most involved sliding down on their bum as to not slip and fall!

The next stage involved plenty of mud along the edge of the forest. No defined path and plenty of boggy sections but surprisingly no shoes were lost, just plenty of wet feet. With the snow in our eyes we guided to the markers thinking the end must be in sight…

After several more miles we reached the tent full of sweets and cake! The marshals were fabulous and changed our frozen gloves on our hands and encouraged us all the way! From there it was track to the finish, again covered in snow.

The event finished with a grand total of 9 miles, and hot soup was offered at the end which was greatly appreciated and provided some warmth! Leaving the event was a challenge with all the snow on the roads and a few cars had to be towed! Overall a thoroughly enjoyable run/fell walk which was well organised, marshalled and despite the weather conditions resulted in no injuries.

Unfortunately the weather was so disrupted to the access the half marathon was cancelled which we were also booked in for! It is set to be rescheduled so watch this space.”

Tom Tinsley -