Claremont Tyne Relay 3, 15th April 2018

They say running is a drug, and no doubt its hallucinogenic effects are stronger the further you go, as evidenced by Kat Truong‘s ramblings on the latest Claremont outing along the source of the Tyne:

Claremont ultra adventure : some jumbled conclusions from a still delirious brain-
If you can’t avoid being hungover and late, don’t be afraid to get a taxi to the bus
Marvel at Janet’s map drawing skills and general knowledge quiz
Start by meeting the baby river Tyne and baptising yourself in it
Just put one foot in front of the other, 8 miles in the forest will cure your hangover
There is a happy helpful chappy who will hold open all the gates for you – he goes by the name of Mungai
You will feel amazing at miles 10-12
Each checkpoint is just an opportunity to get back to the picnic bus.
At mile 14 your knees will be wondering what you are doing
There will be an abundance of flapjacks, cakes and sweets!
When considering each leg, be aware of the Claremont mile (usually a mile longer than stated)
If in doubt, keep running! It’s better to keep going – be aware of the chair
If you need some distraction from the pain, ask Jamie and Julie to sing you a nice song
Before you know it, you will have run a marathon!
Only one leg left,  you are now an ultra runner. it doesn’t matter that you now have noodle legs. FYI Nina’s advice to resolve this is to run 2 miles the next day
Thanks to all Claremonters for fantastic support and company on a lovely day. A great effort from all!

Well done to Kat, Serpil, Alan Dunning and David Lydall on becoming the newest members of the Claremont Ultra club.

There seems to be more photos of eating and drinking than running, but here goes …