L2M Double Ultra, 28th April 2018

Liverpool and Manchester are two proud cities, in many ways rivals, just 34 miles apart. That’s a good distance for an ultra, you would think. But by sticking largely to footpaths and having a bit of a tour, you can get a 50 mile route. This is the L2M Ultra run. Just in case 50 miles isn’t enough, there is the L2M Double Ultra. This is a nice round trip of 100 miles, where you get to Manchester and hurry straight back the way you came to Liverpool. Oh, and you have to do it in a day! Now, whilst I appreciate that you want to get back to civilisation and the North West’s greatest city, but surely that is just a tad bonkers?

Nina Jensen and Julie Dumpleton have just completed this crazy, but very impressive, feat. Here they are with their very well-deserved medals (I hope there was a cracking goody bag!).

They finished in joint 26th place, joint 6th female, in an official time of 29h 53m.

Congratulations to both on a remarkable achievement.

Nina promises a report of their antics when she has recovered!

Tom Tinsley -