Cheviot Bomber, 20th May 2018

Nina Jensen is back up and running:

Today I bucked the trend of the Pier to Pier and did the Cheviot Bomber race organised by Glen McWilliams, a former Claremonter by all accounts.

The race was to raise money to refurbish the memorial to those fighter planes that had crashed in College Valley in the war.  The race was started by the Lord Lieutenant following a flyover and the race was off.  The route started on road and track but there were plenty of climbs and steep downhills.  The weather was perfect and gave me a chance to admire the views from the top.  As we passed the memorial we got serenaded by bagpipes.  The rest of the route followed the river and soon I was back where I started.

Those speedy runners were already finished and making the most of the pizza van and beer tent whilst cheering the rest of us in.  A cracking 10 mile route if anyone fancies it next year.
Tom Tinsley -