Farringdon Cross-Country Relays, 1st September

It was a lovely, warm day for the opening event of the 2018-19 cross-country season at Farringdon. Claremont had two teams in the Ladies race and a single team of men.

The course, which has its share of ups and downs, was very dry with the exception of the muddy banks either side of the stream that you cross. We all scrambled down and out again with the exception of superman Howard who jumped it. Unfortunately he lost a shoe in the process. In true Claremont style he carried on before ditching the other show had running the second half of the course in his stockinged feet!

Special mention must be made to Dave Wotton who gave up his run to the late-arriving Kenny.  Dave was always in the team and I was the reserve – unfortunately I had already set-off to run the first leg when Kenny made it to Farringdon.

The senior ladies team came a very creditable 11th in their category – despite 2 of the 3 being veterans:

13:14  Serpil Bulut
14:42  Clare McKitterick
14:26  Tara McCully

The veteran ladies team were 12th:

11:53  Sarah Kerr
15:49  Mary Martin
17:11  Gill Milne

Despite all being over 40 (3 of us well over!), the men have somehow been categorised in the senior results, so our 25th position is fine by me:

11:35  Tom Tinsley
12:02  David Lydall
13:08  Howard MacLennan
15:55  Kenny McCormick