parkrun, 15th September 2018

Another Claremont winner this week as Sarah Kerr, who is flying at the moment, finished 1st lady at the Toonrun. Well done!

Also, it must have been a nice day at the coast as both Matt Diment and Chris Gillie got PBs at Whitley Bay. This week’s tourism award goes to Brian Hegarty who popped over to Ireland for a run.

Newcastle parkrun

20:12 Tom Tinsley
20:22 Sarah Kerr               1st Female, PB
20:49 Gordon MacFadyen
21:38 Mungai Wairia
22:03 David Devennie
24:01 Clare McKitterick
26:52 Chris Carr
27:27 Lucy Dunbar
27:41 Alice Vialard
31:38 Kat Truong


Sunderland parkrun

21:52 Catherine Young

Sheffield Hallam parkrun

19:40 John Lea-Wilson

Whitley Bay parkrun

20:07 Matt Diment       PB
22:29 Chris Gillie         PB
24:24 Daisy Martin

Durham parkrun

23:13 Dave Wotton

Gateshead parkrun

21:06 David Lydall
23:43 Heather Steel

South Shields parkrun

23:11 Luke Woodend

Druridge Bay parkrun

26:29 Nicki O’Brien
26:29 Dean O’Brien

Sligo parkrun

26:10 Brian Hegarty

Tom Tinsley -