North East Harrier League, Gosforth Park, 27th October 2018

It was not a promising start to the day when we woke to sleet and rain battering the windows, but the cross-country weather Gods looked down on us and brought out the sun for the afternoon.  In fact, it turned out to be a quite a pleasant day for a run around Gosforth Park.  This was a new course for the Harrier League and I think that the general consensus was that it is an excellent addition.  The course is undulating rather than hilly and has a nice mix of woodland trails and paths across fields – and a water jump to add a bit of interest!  It also had the feel of a “proper” cross-country venue whilst being nice and accessible for us city-dwellers.

There was another good turnout of sky blue with Lucy McKitterick boosting our junior ranks with her first run in the under 13s, while Grace Scott was again running in the under 11s.  Lucy’s Mum, Clare, was also making her Harrier League debut.

The Ladies team was once again led home by Sarah Bowen with Sarah Kerr, on her first outing from the fast pack (and impressively keeping her bobble hat on all the way around!), just pipping Mandy Herworth to be second counter.  It was Mandy’s first run this season and she put in her usual strong performance from the medium pack.  Another cross-country stalwart, Julie Cross, completed the Ladies ‘A’ team.  We also had complete ‘B’ and ‘C’ teams, which is great.

It was our southern European contingent who starred for the men, with Italy’s Roberto Marzo leading followed by Spain’s Daniel Mourenza.  Liverpool’s Tom Tinsley and Derby’s David Lydall were 3rd and 4th counters, leaving Richard Slack to take the title of first male Claremont Geordie!  Duncan Scott, now hopefully injury-free, was our other counter.  Whilst not having a complete ‘B’ team, it is encouraging that we seem to have a men’s squad this year – Michael Teasdale and Ben Wetherall being welcome additions to the team this season.

Under 11s
47 Grace Scott 07:53
Under 13s
65 Lucy McKitterick 19:55
57 Sarah Bowen 31:26
169 Sarah Kerr 33:29 Fast pack, actual time 28:29
171 Mandy Herworth 33:31 Medium pack, actual time 31:01
205 Julie Cross 34:11
214 Kat Truong 34:20
239 Tara McCully 34:40
258 Clare McKitterick 35:06
282 Nicki O’Brien 35:59 Medium pack, actual time 33:29
307 Alice Vialard 36:40
308 Ay Okpokam 36:43
354 Catherine Robson 38:04
390 Gillian Milne 39:16
142 Roberto Marzo 40:16
207 Daniel Mourenza 41:02
232 Tom Tinsley 41:24
380 David Lydall 44:09
436 Richard Slack 45:49
454 Duncan Scott 46:11
494 Dean O’Brien 47:24
584 Michael Teasdale 52:13
599 Benjamin Wetherall 54:58
616 Ken McCormick 60:32


Tom Tinsley -