parkrun, 16th March 2019

Newcastle parkrun

20:07     Roberto Marzo
22:42     Mungai Wairia
23:50     David Devennie
24:36     Luke Woodend
26:15     Dave Kear

Gateshead parkrun

20:34     Sumanth Nayak

Ganavan Sands parkrun

21:51     Chris Jones

Harrow parkrun

We have done Harrow a few times as our son lives there. The weather was better than in the North East, though there was a strong breeze. Luckily the park is fairly sheltered and I managed to knock 1 second off my PB and claim exclusivity on the course record for my age category. As Ben Hull holds the VM70-74 record, there is a little corner of North West London where the old men of Claremont reign supreme.

20:15     Tom Tinsley (PB and course VM60-64 record)
28:30     Gillian Milne

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