Easter Weekend Races

Good Friday Relays


Tom Tinsley (13:16), Roberto Marzo (12:53), Paul Robinson (13:06), Michael Teasdale (15:57) total 55:12
David Lydall (14:13), Paul Hughes (13:23), Dave Wotton (16:21), Richard Slack (15:05) total 59:02
Mungai Wairia (15:15), Kenny McCormick (18:42), Jamie Harding (14:51), David Devennie (15:53) total 1:04:41


Sarah Kerr (13:35), Heather Steel (14:11), Catherine Young (13:08) total 40:54
Clare McKitterick (15:54), Julie Cross (16:56), Nina Jensen (15:54) total 48:44
Tara McCully (16:27), Julija Simpson (17:00), Nina Jentl (16:50) total 50:17
Ay Okpokam (17:46), Hazel Juggins (17:36), Marie Slack (18:25) total 53:47

Dave Lydall reports –

The Good Friday relays were held on warm day this year, a marked improvement on last year, when it hailed.   The day began with a course enveloped with fog but as the morning wore on it became warmer and sunnier.  

It’s a good course for spectating and there were many cheering us on. According to the organizers there was a record turnout this year.  To keep the runners on their toes a new handover process had been put in place this year.  As often seems to be the case the winning female team from Morpeth Harriers, were led out by Laura Weightman, who finished way ahead of the field and showed us all how it should be done.

It seemed to be a good day for running and most of us revisiting the course were a little quicker this year than last.  Claremont had four female and three male teams, in some cases drawing on last minute substitutions.    Claremont’s quickest senior team, Sarah, Heather and Catherine were 8th fastest senior team.  The other Claremont female teams all ran well, whether seasoned relay racers or running a relay race for the first time.  The Claremont senior male team, led out by the most senior, Tom, along with Roberto, Paul and Michael were our quickest.  The other veteran teams finished a little later.

Thanks to the generosity of many there plenty of cakes, scones, fudge and Italian pastries to reward the runners.  All in all, a very enjoyable start to the long weekend.


North Tyneside 10k

43:48     Heather Steel
44:29     Roberto Marzo
46:41     Luke Woodend
47:02     Richard Slack
49:11     Chris Gillie
50:46     Clare McKitterick
56:31     Daisy Martin
56:14     Marie Slack
60:31     Janet Palmer
61:16     Chris Carr

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