Allendale Fair Multi-Terrain Race, 25th May 2019

The Allendale Fair has been a favourite day out for Claremont in recent years, but this year saw just 6 of us in the race – though Gill came to the Fair for the first time but looked after my Mum instead of running (she makes such sacrifices!).

There have been a few variations of the course but this year was a repeat of last year’s route, This means a ridiculously steep climb in the first kilometre and another 2 kilometres of climbing out onto the moorland. Having gone too fast on this stretch last year and paid for it later, I took it easier this year and even walked for two short stretches.

I improved my time from last year, so the strategy worked and I was first over 60.  Sarah Kerr also improved on last year and progressed from 3rd female to 2nd place this year – so, Sarah, only one result will do in 2020!

Unfortunately the weather didn’t hold for the afternoon of the Fair but we did see the pet show! 

Thanks to Hazel Juggins for writing this “proper” race report:

“What does the street-name ‘Lonkley Terrace’ conjure up… perhaps a row of pretty Northumberland cottages with a gentle bend in the road, maybe following the line of a stream, with a couple of cats sunning themselves on a wall…? Well, it turns out Lonkley Terrace is the most precipitous route out of Allendale Town which those jokers at Allen Valley Striders select for the start of the Allendale Fair 10km Multi-Terrain Race. So steep, there is no visibility of its true awfulness until you hit the first bend, it’s the hill that just keeps on giving, for about a mile and a half.

So it was lucky that Sarah Kerr and David Lydall suggested a slow jog part-way up said hill 15 minutes before the start to psychologically prepare for the feat in store. Tom and Dave Kear warned against ‘going off too fast’. Unsure that I was capable of anything that could be called ‘too fast’, I started the race plodding upwards, slowing to what felt like a brisk walk, but was probably more of a laboured stroll, before getting into my stride as the gradient moderated only slightly. Turning from the road onto a track, then onto a narrow path cut through the heather moorland, it was time to appreciate the high points of the route – bleak moorland, wide horizons, peewits calling, and gentle sunshine. The Allen Valley Striders had done their best to fulfil the ‘multi-terrain’ classification by including a section of unforgiving, newly-laid rocks which needed concentration to negotiate but it was all part of the challenge, and the long descent back into the village into a gentle breeze, was verging on enjoyable.

The six Claremont runners had welcome support from Gill and Tom’s Mum, then we gathered for post-race food and drinks and prize giving in the village square. Tom was first Claremonter back in a brilliant 10th place and first in his age group, followed by a great run from Sarah Kerr to make second in the women’s race.  We were then ready to look round the delights of the village fair:  pet show, three types of dancing (clog, maypole and morris), music, craft stalls and kids’ activities. Rain encouraged us into the Golden Lion before heading back. This was my first attempt at anything with ‘multi-terrain’ in the title and it was great to have the company and encouragement from the Claremont contingent.”

10thTom Tinsley47:151st M60+
13thSarah Kerr48:222nd female
18thDavid Lydall50:15 
31stAlan Dunning57:15 
34thHazel Juggins58:39 
35thDave Kear58:46 
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