parkrun, 8th June 2017

Newcastle parkrun

A special parkrun for Claremont as it marked 3 major milestones – 100 parkruns for Alice, 200 for David Lydall and 300 for Mungai.

Most of us jogged around together, trying to avoid the puddles but still getting very wet!

Afterwards we dripped dry over a celebratory coffee at the Central Bean cafe in town.

19:59 Sumanth Nayak
20:53 Chris Jones
22:16 Luke Woodend
24:00 Brian Hegarty
29:11 Tara Hipwood
29:12 Alice Vialard
29:13 David Lydall
29:13 Mungai Wairia
29:14 Roberto Marzo
29:14 Catherine Young
29:15 Sarah Kerr
29:15 Marie Slack
29:16 Rose Hawkswood
29:16 Kat Truong
29:17 Tom Tinsley
29:18 Dave Wotton
29:19 Serpil Bulut
33:57 Clare McKitterick

Princes parkrun, Liverpool

24:36 Nina Jentl

Dalby Forest parkrun

22:40 David Devennie

Photos of the Newcastle celebrations are on Flickr:

Tom Tinsley -