Northumberland Coastal Run, 21st July 2019

Thankfully the weather was much better than last year, the temperature was kinder and it stayed dry. However, this is always a tough race and we were once again running into a headwind, albeit nothing like as strong as the howling gale in 2018. So well done to everybody on making it safely to Alnmouth and the comfort of the Sun Inn. Special mention to Brian Hegarty who ran the last 8 miles or so with a sprained ankle (either brave, foolish or possibly both).

31Roberto Marzo1:30:066th M35
88Tom Tinsley1:40:021st M60
131Sarah Kerr1:44:496th F40, 13th female
173David Lydall1:47:34
265Mungai Wairia1:54:012nd M65
306Richard Slack1:56:10
428Dean O’Brien2:02:36
430Nicki O’Brien2:02:40
442David Devennie2:03:30
521Rose Hawkswood2:09:20
532Brian Hegarty2:09:44
533Kat Truong2:09:45
551Hazel Juggins2:10:294th F55
552Alex Anslow2:10:31
628Clare McKitterick2:14:59
729Tara McCully2:22:20
764Ay Okpokam2:23:45
771Gill Milne2:24:50
836Marie Slack2:31:24
848Janet Palmer2:32:49
885Mary Martin2:38:375th F65
902Dave Manners2:41:11

Photos are now on Flickr – hopefully a more detailed report to follow soon.