Summer Handicap, 29th July 2019

It was a warm, humid evening on the Town Moor for this year’s Summer Handicap.  From a lower than usual turnout of 30 runners, Arthur Liu led the pack home to claim the title.   John Bell finished second with handicap debutant Maria Duenas in 3rd place.  Arthur had fooled the handicapper by coming last in the Spring handicap – though I don’t think this was a deliberate strategy as he was recovering from injury at the time!

Only two of the four Summer Cup finalists made it to the start line and the cup was won by Jamie Harding ahead of Julija Simpson.  Congratulations to both Jamie and Arthur.

The Autumn Cup final will be contested by 4 new combatants – Kenny McCormick, the sole representative of the Claremont men, will take on three ladies in the shape of Clare McKitterick, Sarah Kerr and Hazel Juggins.

Fastest on the night was Jason Hall in an impressive 17:55 ahead of guest Kris Axon in 18:47.  Roberto Marzo (19:16) and Tom Tinsley (20:01) were 2nd and 3rd fastest Sky Blues respectively.

For the ladies, Sarah Kerr was fastest in 20:19, followed by Maddie Day (22:13) and Maria Duenas (22:21).

Afterwards, it was a first trip to Don Vito’s for the post-run social, buffet and presentations, and I think everybody enjoyed the food.  As well as the usual handicap trophies and biscuits, medals were presented to the 4 intrepid souls who completed every leg of the Claremont River Tyne Odyssey – Nina Jensen, Jamie Harding, Mungai Wairia and Julie Dumpleton, and to organiser Janet Palmer.

Thanks very much, as ever, to all the marshals, the start and finish team and the photographers – Howard for some great photos of the runners and Mungai for the usual selfies in Don Vito’s.

Full results (.xlsx) are here.

Race Pos.NameHandicapRace TimeActual TimeTime Pos.
1Arthur Liu10:4032:0821:288
2John Bell07:0032:2025:2022
3Maria Duenas10:0032:2122:2112
4David Devennie11:2033:3022:1010
5Julie Cross09:1033:4324:3318
6Kenneth McCormick06:3033:4927:1925
7Cameron Robertson05:5033:5228:0228
8Janet Palmer05:5034:0028:1029
9Roberto Marzo14:5034:0619:162
10Clare McKitterick09:3034:0724:3720
11Nina Jensen10:1034:1124:0117
12Alan Dunning09:4034:1424:3419
13Jason Hall16:2034:1517:551
14Sarah Kerr14:0034:1920:195
15Mungai Wairia11:5034:1922:2913
16Christophe Duhaut13:0034:2221:226
17Luke Woodend10:5034:2423:3415
18Tom Tinsley14:3034:3120:014
19Hazel Juggins 09:5034:3624:4621
20Mandy Herworth12:0034:3822:3814
21Alex Anslow09:1034:4625:3623
22Jamie Harding12:5034:4921:599
23Nina Jentl11:0034:5023:5016
24Chris Jones13:3034:5621:267
25Maddie Day12:5035:0322:1311
26Kris Axon16:2035:0718:472
27Alice Vialard07:1035:3928:2930
28David Kear08:2035:4727:2727
29Julija Simpson09:0036:1127:1124
30Graham Leslie09:5037:1627:2626
Tom Tinsley -