Weekend Runs, 15th & 16th February 2020

There were a few events that overcame the weather this weekend, but they must have been wet, windy or both!

Mungai Wairia ran the Valentines 10K on the Town Moor in a time of 47:25. I think this event is pretty much 2 laps of Newcastle parkrun, so Mungai would have been on very familiar territory.

Meanwhile Nina Jentl went out after dark armed with her head torch to complete the Chopwell Woods Moon Runner 10K. Nina was an impressive 4th female in a time of 1:00:19 (and her Strava show 11K not 10).

Finally, Nina Jensen went for a 31.1 mile stroll in Durham as part of Saturn Running’s Run to Infinity and Beyond. Nina duly completed this task in 5:58:55.

Well done to all!