Brough Law, Sunday 15 March 2020

Amidst the cancellation or postponement of many sporting events, the Brough Law fell race, as the cross country and UK parkruns the day before, did go ahead.  This is an early season taster and also forms part of the Northumberland Fell Runners championship. This year, Richard Slack, David Lydall and Maria Duenas all took part. The race is a 5 miler with approx 1,200 foot of ascent in the foothills of the Cheviots, cross Brough Law and reaching its high point at Cochrane Pike (1,099 feet). It is fair to say it blew a hoolie all the way round the five miles, but the visibility was superb throughout which was great as the scenery is wild, remote and beautiful – at least we all think so! A great run with some steep uphills but plenty of decent long sweeping downhills and relatively flat sections to really enjoy. The old adage of double the winning time and knock 10-20% off was about right again with all of us finishing around 57 to 59 minutes. Maria brought the Claremont trio home, followed by David who came past Richard on the final descent back to the finish. Tea and cakes in the Ingram Valley café at the end.

71Maria Duenas57:24
76David Lydall59:13
79Richard Slack59:49
David Lydall -