Claremont in lockdown – weeks 3 & 4

With the country now in the 4th week of lockdown, most of us seem to have settled into a routine. Luckily this routine can still involve a daily form of outside exercise, so Virtual Claremont Road Runners is alive and well!

So what have we been up to?

Kenny is still supplying us with corny jokes and some rather odd musical choices, Janet is still giving us her nature notes and asking us for collective names of flocks of birds. But what is the collective name for a group of runners – a craziness of Claremonters, perhaps?

Nina has encouraged us to send photos as well as Strava Art, Alice is trying to perfect her Strava signature, Lena is running up and down her street, we are wearing the living room carpet out doing PE with Joe and I think we are all benefiting from the nice, dry weather to get out running, walking and cycling.

We have all discovered how hard it is to run alone and, for some, motivation can be an issue but with modern technology we can still help and encourage each other. It is particularly hard to push yourself to the limit, so it has been very pleasing to see a high level of participation in Wednesday’s intervals. We have had Howard’s 200m sprints and Tom’s 1,2,3,5 minute pyramids – Nina’s turn next!

Claremont also had two teams in the Virtual Good Friday relays – racing 2.2 miles on your own is very hard! Both teams did well, with the men’s team of Kris Axon, Paul Robinson and Tom Tinsley finishing 15th overall. Catherine Young, Sarah Kerr and Heather Steel teamed up to be 6th all-female team in the race – well done!

Richard has set us a new challenge for this week – to run 1 kilometre within the confines of our home or garden.

Mungai has kick-started us. He decided that it would be too difficult in his flat, so a neighbouring car park would do. Being Mungai, he couldn’t stop at 1K and did an amazing 22.7K instead!

There is a Flickr album of things we have done and places we have been – see below and keep on sending them in.

Tom Tinsley -