Clap for Claremont

We thought it would be nice if Club could collectively raise some money for NHS or charity. Janet Palmer has suggested that, to give it a running theme, we could donate based on mileage.

How to do it:

1. Keep record of your mileage.
2. Decide how much you want to donate per mile ie. if you run 20 miles on a particular week and decide on 10p that’s £2.00. Obviously mileage will vary from week to week.

It goes without saying it is entirely voluntary and you can do it anonymously.

At some point perhaps when we all get back together we can decide on a charity (David Devennie has said he will be able to ear-mark the payments). At the moment, if you want to take part just keep a tally of your mileage.

Keep on running and stay safe!

Tom Tinsley -