Street Sign Challenge

The challenge to spell out “Claremont” or “Claremont Road Runners” has so far been taken up by quite a few members and, I think, all have enjoyed it.

It takes more planning than you might think and some letters are quite difficult to get in certain areas – it seems that there are no Us in Gosforth! As such, quite a few miles can be eaten up in the pursuit of the full name.

Special mentions must go to the Slacks – Marie collecting the full Claremont Road Runners in order, with Richard doing something slightly different by spelling out Claremont Sky Blues.

However, the prize for ingenuity goes to Jamie Harding who took a short cut by starting with “Claremont Road”. This was followed up by Runner Road, which meant that he only had an S to find, thus completing Claremont Road Runners in 3 streets!

Tom Tinsley -