Claremont interval sessions – a photographic tribute

Many will be missing Wednesday interval sessions and specifically their wonderful locations.  Richard Slack is, so he has had a run around some of the locations taking photographs and sends this:
“I did have a run to the (legendary) abutment on Friday and this email now explains why……..
Whilst virtual intervals have kept us ticking over this does not fulfil our desires to see and live the real thing.
Happy memories of the Agony and the BBC, Jesmond Dene with a happy ending, hills in Newcastle and Gateshead, fartlek on the moor and the Baltic Timed miles to name just a few.
So, fear not, here attached is a photographic tribute to our beloved intervals.
With thanks to all who lead, and have led and apologies to any lovely interval session not included, but I tried to get as many as possible.
I hope you enjoy these and wet the appetite for when we return!
PS thanks also to Dave Kear who was the founder of some of the sessions that Jamie and myself then took over!”

Tom Tinsley -