Claremont in Lockdown – Weeks 7, 8 & 9

So, what have we all been up to for the last few weeks? It has been a surprisingly busy time for the club with our first ever virtual meetings of the committee and Weetslade Relays sub-committee. These have given their approval to stage this year’s relays as a virtual race – more details will follow shortly. We have also entered teams in the Virtual Gordon Smith relay which is taking place as I type.

The club challenge for this period has been the Claremont Lockdown Bingo game. This has had us looking for birds, dogs and cows, as well as planning routes by water and over bridges. Clare McKitterick was the first winner, completing a row across before anybody else and Cath Robson claimed the prize for ticking off all 4 corners. Claims are now coming in for a diagonal line and the race is on to complete a full house by the end of May.

We have had a virtual version of the Legendary Abutment and more interval sessions set by Tom (pyramid) and Julie D (fartlek). Not content with this, Richard Slack has done a tour Claremont interval session locations and compiled a photographic tribute!

Despite a windy weekend, the weather has continued to be kind giving us no excuse not to get out for our daily walks, runs and bike rides. Lena Webster-Costella has even ventured out of her street! Strava Art continues with Alice spelling Claremont and Dave Manners doing lots of designs in Saltwell Park.

Also, now that lockdown rules have been eased slightly for everybody, and not just Dominic Cummings, a lot of us are taking advantage of socially distanced runs with other club members. Although this doesn’t replace club runs, it is nice to see friends and have somebody to run and talk with.

Keep running, keep alert and stay safe!

Tom Tinsley -