Lads v Lasses Hill Challenge, June 2020

The challenge was for Claremont Ladies to take on the Men and see who was best at hill running! Everybody had to run for 30 minutes and record as much elevation as they could.

Well, it was never really in doubt, was it?  Once again the Claremont Ladies showed the Men how it is done, with a final score, in feet climbed, of:

Lasses 16,587 v 12,290 Lads

It was interesting to see the variety of locations chosen. The top scorers for each team were Kris Axon and Maddie Day, who headed off to the Northumberland National Park and set about climbing Cheviot. Richard Slack also ventured far afield to climb Carrock Fell in Cumbria. This compared with 4 of the ladies who never left their own home, choosing to go up and down the stairs instead.

The combined total left us just 143 feet short of climbing Mount Everest!

If you want to see the individual scores, click here.

Well done to everybody who took part.