Gosforth Central Park TGC Social Running Group in Lockdown

Some Claremont Road Runners are also involved with other running/sporting groups that have, like ourselves, had to find ways of keeping going during lockdown. Gill Milne sends this update from a This Girl Can Gosforth Group:

One of our Leaders in Running Fitness, Cath Robson, also leads a social running group, along with Jocasta Williams of Frontrunners. Until lockdown came along a group of ladies (including some other Claremonters and one member’s Mum) would meet every Tuesday, at the phone box just outside Gosforth’s Central Park to run and chat for about an hour.

Just as our team Captains have been working hard to keep us all motivated and engaged, so Cath and Jocasta have been on the case too. We’ve done P.E with Joe, bike rides and runs with some of the efforts making it to the Active Newcastle page. We’ve got our own lockdown bingo with any similarity to the Claremont one being totally intentional! With the lifting of some restrictions some ladies were able to meet after their virtual Blaydon Run and celebrate with cake, coffee and chat. A massive thank you to Cath and Joss, just 2 of the many unsung heroes of this lockdown.

Tom Tinsley -