Monday runs from Exhibition Park

We started Monday night group runs again from Monday 20th July 2020. Following the handicap last week, there will be another club run on Monday, 3rd August.

To reduce the risk of close contact we will start from the Bandstand in Exhibition Park, sign-up in advance, have strict limits on group size and reverse the usual starting order, with the quickest groups setting off first.  

The running groups will be smaller than usual and some of our regular run leaders will not be participating at the moment.  Therefore, we would be grateful if as many as possible are willing to help with leading groups, including taking on the role of sweeper, as indicated on the sign-up sheet.

If you would like to run on Mondays then please.

  1. Read and run according to our social distancing guidelines.
  2. Sign-up in advance using the google spreadsheet.     We encourage everyone to sign up by 9 pm Sunday evening.  If on Monday morning your group doesn’t have a leader please consider putting yourself forward for the role (moving your name up on the spreadsheet).  Alternatively, if there is room, you could move to one of the other groups. The final deadline is 3pm on the day of the run.
  3. Arrive a little early and prepare to leave on time.  There should be no waiting for GPS signals to appear!


Happy Running!