Running the Metro

The lockdown has had us all thinking of new ways to run, new routes and generally wondering how to keep interested and motivated. Chris Jones found an innovative solution – run the Metro lines!

Here is his how he did it:

“Metro was 40 years old in August, and always looking for new places to run and explore, I thought it might be interesting to try and run to all 60 stations and trace the route of each section of the 48 mile network in the order that they opened, trying use roads, paths and tracks to stay as close to the line as possible:

  1. Haymarket to Tynemouth (opened Aug 1980) 13 mile run
  2. South Gosforth to Bank Foot (May 1981) 3.7 mile run
  3. Haymarket to Heworth (Nov 1981) 4.5 mile run
  4. St James to Tynemouth (Nov 1982) 10 mile run
  5. Heworth to South Shields (Mar 1984) 9.2 mile run
  6. Bank Foot to Airport (Nov 1991) 2.4 mile run
  7. Pelaw to South Hylton (Mar 2002) 14.3 mile run

Crossing the Tyne and the A19 were a bit tricky to stay near the route, but after 57 miles I think I ended up with a pretty decent garmin version of the Metro map.”

Well done, Chris – excellent stuff!

Tom Tinsley -