Lockdown Bingo No. 2, August/September 2020

Although we were in the “new normal” rather than strict lockdown, this was a bingo card that tried to reflect all the challenges that had kept us busy during lockdown.

Then, part way through, we entered a local lockdown! Although the club sessions could continue using the Covid-secure guidelines as approved by England Athletics, we hope that the bingo tasks provided some variety and amusement for those solo runs.

Once again, Claremont Road Runners rose to the challenge, with some inventive ways of ticking off the squares. In particular, Alice Vialard showed great creativity in completing the 4 corners despite being in quarantine following her return from France. Congratulations go to all our winners:

Four cornersAlice Vialard
Spot prize (photo of flower)Hazel Juggins
Complete lineClare McKitterick
Full HouseBob Richards
Tom Tinsley -